About Me - Xavier Tanner

Here's more about me:

Apart from being a fitness coach, I am also a medical student.

Growing up, I didn’t have much. I was an average punk that studied in a neighbourhood school. Nothing special.

My dad has been a sole proprietor his whole life and my mum has been an office worker.

I wasn’t good in anything. I hated studying, I suck at sports, and I was not a good gamer either. I was literally good at nothing. I was scrawny, I couldn’t speak fluently, and I had an incredibly low level of self-confidence.

When I was 16, I made the decision to pursue a career in Medicine. You could only imagine the amount of faith I was receiving. That’s right. ZERO.

I was laughed at, I was discouraged, I was told that my chances were slim, and nobody believed in me. It got to the point where discouragement and disbelief seemed normal to me and I got so used to it over time.

Bear in mind that for a kid like me, getting into medical school was almost impossible. The chances I had was less than 2%.

All I told myself was: “I will do my best.”

After a tedious journey, nothing stopped me and I eventually proved everyone wrong.

Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have much time left. How many more years can I waste before my parents are too frail to enjoy life? I hated watching my dad bust his ass 7 days a week while my mum brings home stresses from work over the last 20+ years. I need freedom and control over my own time and I knew I had to venture outside of Medicine.

Of course, with that, I am experiencing the second wave of discouragement.

People without the growth mindset will never understand why I do the things I do. They don’t understand why I can’t just focus on Medicine and rely on this sole career. Their minds are so fixated on having “good careers” that they forgot that a career only makes up a tiny segment of life. Everyone pursues careers to support the family but end up doing the opposite.

In this venture, I not only want to achieve the freedom that I am seeking for. I want to gather and unite the warriors who are willing to grow and work on themselves.

And the best way to strengthen your mind is to transform your body.

Many underestimate what a great physique can do for you but I can vouch that it is life changing. You’ll look better, then you’ll feel better about yourself, then you respect yourself for your hard work and dedication, and you’ll eventually transform into a charismatic individual with an elevated level of self-confidence.

Look. I was a scrawny and quiet kid with a lack of self-confidence. I promise this works.

If you’re looking to regain your self-confidence and begin taking control of your life, working on your body is the perfect start and I am here to assist you.

Transform your body.

Strengthen your mind.

Transcend your limits.

With determination, anything is possible.

It all begins from the mind.




It all begins from the mind.